Covid 19 Precautions

Risk Assessment for Meeting again at Repton Connect

April  2021

 The purpose of this Risk Assessment is:- 

  1. To prevent the spread of Covid 19 by reducing or controlling potential risks (as listed below)
  2. To promote the safety of individuals attending ARBF and the Repton Connect (RCT).
  3. To enable those attending to feel safe and confident with the arrangements
  4. To comply with government guidelines for places of worship


Potential Risks-

Risks in the RCT

To minimise risk all items to be used will be cleaned with antibacterial spray including, door handles, chairs, tables, toilets by volunteers prior to others attending.

Volunteers to wear appropriate PPE (mask, gloves, apron).

Everything above will also be cleaned prior to leaving the RCT.

A member of the leadership will oversee all cleaning.


Worshippers coming into contact with Coronavirus Sufferers

  • Persons should not attend the meetings if they are suffering from raised temperature, new persistent cough, loss of taste or smell or other respiratory infection or if they are contacts of anybody with Coronavirus. The services will continue to be available on YouTube for those who are unwell, vulnerable or in a household that is self-isolating.
  • All attendees to distance themselves by 2m except for members of their households or bubbles. No mixing between households.


  • Attendees will  wear face masks


  • Hand sanitizer must be used appropriately and thoroughly by all entering and leaving the building.
  • Congestion will be avoided in the entrance. There will be door stewards who will direct each household to a seat. It may be necessary to wait in a socially distanced queue   if the door stewards are busy.
  • A one-way system will operate to avoid the need to pass other people.
  • To enable optimum seat use, seats will be allocated at each service and Households will be asked to sit together.
  • Attendees will leave a row at a time as directed by stewards.
  • Contact details will be kept for 21 days according to the government guidance for  the track and trace


Cross-contamination from Surfaces

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided by the door stewards to be used by every person on entering and leaving the building.
  • Worshippers are welcome to bring their own Bibles and Hymn books provided they take them home after each service. Any Hymn books or Bibles available will be quarantined for 72 hours after use. No singing will take place. Pre-recorded hymns will be listened to. Service sheets to be taken home by the user.
  • All personal belongings will need to be removed after the service.
  • Refreshments will not be served under the current restrictions.
  • In accordance with government guidelines no food or drink will be allowed in the services.
  • Gloves and wipes will be provided so the toilets can be cleaned after each use.   Any queues to be social distanced to 2m.
  • Chairs, toilets, door handles and other contamination points will be cleaned after each service. Appropriate PPE will be provided for volunteers.


  • Collections will be encouraged to be cashless. Any collections to be handled with gloves.


Enhanced Airborne Transmission of the Virus

  • In accordance with government guidelines it will not be possible to have singing at the time of re-opening ARBF.
  • Increased ventilation is essential, appropriate ventilation will be in place.
  • To comply with Government guidelines the congregation will be requested to leave promptly upon exit and only form groups of six or two households  outside the premises. No mixing between households.


*ln emergency this instruction will be superseded by the need to leave by the nearest available fire exit with social distance of 2m where possible.

 This Risk Assessment will be subject to continuous review in the light of prevailing guidelines and local circumstances. 

It is hoped that these arrangements will only be necessary for a short period and that there will be a gradual lifting of the restrictions.